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the encampment

Created by Thomas+Guinevere (Thom Sokoloski and Jenny-Anne McCowan), The Encampment is an installation that commemorates the War of 1812. The project features vignettes created by collaborators inside each of the tents that tell the story of civilians during the war.

The installation can be seen at Fort York, in downtown Toronto from June 8 to 24, 2012 between 7:30 and 11 pm. For more information visit the Luminato site and the Thomas+Guinevere site.

Food, Recipe

impromptu scones

Scones are the perfect for when you want something sweet, fast. Better still, you probably have everything you need to make them in your kitchen already! Today, I decided to make a teatime classic – currant scones served with whipped cream and strawberry jam. I used this recipe for Savoy Scones from Martha Stewart.

Modifications and tips:

- I prefer to use buttermilk in scones for flavour.

- Be sure to soak the currants in freshly boiled water before adding them to the dough. This will plump them up nicely – I promise this extra step is worth it.

- Use a pastry cutter to combine the dry ingredients and the butter so that it doesn’t get warm from contact with your hands. Mix the buttermilk and currants in with a spoon and then use your hands knead the dough and form it. Don’t push down on it too hard as you flatten the dough out with a rolling pin either – basically, the less direct contact you have with this dough, the better!

- Right before you put them in the oven sprinkle the scones with a touch of granulated sugar.


- Traditionally, scones are served with clotted or Devonshire cream – definitely not staples in my fridge. Instead, I prepared some soft whipped cream with a bit of sugar and vanilla extract to taste.

- As far as I’m concerned, tea is the only way to go with currant scones – Earl Grey, specifically.


send some love: diy watercolour stationary

There’s nothing like receiving some snail mail. What better way is there to brighten someones day than with some stationary made by yours truly?

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Travel, Winnipeg

the manitoba museum

The other day I got to visit the Manitoba Museum. One of my favourite things about this museum are the incredible dioramas, many of which were created by Clarence Tillenius. Another highlight was the Hudson’s Bay Company Gallery which features a wide variety of artifacts that profile the iconic company’s history.